About Us

What is an Adult Family Home?

Adult Family Homes are private homes licensed by the State of Washington to care for up to six clients. Tumwater Meadows Adult Family Home, Inc. falls under this category as we offer long-term “non-institutional” care to frail, elderly and disabled adults. Our services provide warm, loving and personalized care in family settings within residential areas of our community.

As a home provider, we have caregivers who’ve had the necessary training and experience to care for residents. In addition to this, Tumwater Meadows Adult Family Home, Inc. has met a number of caregiving requirements, including first aid and CPR training.

Tumwater Meadows Adult Family Home, Inc. also has services that can be tailored to provide for varying degrees of skills and backgrounds in health care such as CNAs, LPNs or RNs.

How much does it cost to live at Tumwater Meadows Adult Family Home, Inc.?

We offer affordable long-term care rates. Fees are based on the level of care needed, type of room desires and whether special needs or specialized care are required. We also accept Medicaid.